Sunday, August 9, 2009

School Update and Sports Snipits

So, Kelly and I are officially done with finals FOREVER! Grades are in and we took our A's to the bank. We still have to take the national board exam next Summer, but that should be the only test left for us. We have one more wedding to attend (at Chateau Elan) this weekend, then we are off to clinic. Kelly will spend all of Fall in Savannah, and I will split time between Knoxville and Augusta.
Now for some sports snipits. Finally, with some time off, I've caught up on my sports. Braves are pedaling hard for the playoffs, scoring 11 runs in the last inning of the the last 3 games...Go Braves! Seriously though, Greg Norton? 58 ABs and 50 of those with no hit. Three starting pitchers have a higher batting average.
Did anyone else see the fake punt on Sunday night pre-season football? Wow, you should watch that.
And once again, SEC seems to be pretty good. Four teams in the top 10, none of which are UGA though. College football season is only 4 weeks away with some good top-10 matchups the first weekend. And I'll be in Knoxville for the Georgia-Tennessee game.
And just because I love deals: Anyone traveling US Airways in the next few months? Check this out. Free Elite status for 90 days.

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