Sunday, November 1, 2009

Build a Bear

I visited Kelly in Savannah this weekend. We decided to go to Build a Bear Workshop to make thank you gifts for our flower girl and ring bearer, my cousins. We chose a pink and blue bear, as you can see below. It was Halloween, so the employee who helped us stuff the bears was dressed up as the mad hatter. Kelly placed a little red heart in each one before they were stuffed.
Next, we "fluffed" the bears with air and brushed them...a little goofy but part of the experience.
We named them "Weston" and "Julia." They are registered and even have a birth certificate (their birthdate is our wedding date).
Finally, we took them home. They are boxed up and waiting to be given to the twins. We are still working on the bears' outfits, that portion will remain up in the air.
And don't worry, even though these kids are very smart, I don't think they'll be reading the blog, so the surprise is safe.

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