Monday, June 7, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2

Below are some pictures of our adventures on the honeymoon. The first two occupied a good portion of our time in St. Lucia...eating and lounging by the pool. Our next post will have more details on the restaurants, but there was plenty of wonderful food including the Pier Restaurant which is literally a restaurant on a pier. We spent our first evening there, eating lots of seafood.

The Pier restaurant

At the Pool

Enjoying the beach at the Halcyon

We did spend a morning skiing and tubing and an afternoon snorkeling during our honeymoon. The ocean was very calm on the day I went was actually better than at the lake. Kelly and I tubed after that. It was kind of weird when you thought about being out in the ocean so far, but with the water being so calm it made for a fun time.
The only bad part about being out in the sun all day was that we're both on Doxycycline (a malaria prophylaxis) from being in Peru and even the SPF 50 didn't quite do the job.

Skiing in the ocean


Thankfully, the weather cooperated on our snorkeling day, making the water crystal clear. We were able to see plenty of fish, sea urchins, sponges, and other reef-life. We didn't take an underwater camera, so sorry, no pics.

More pictures and details to follow.

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