Monday, September 12, 2011

The keys to our new home!

Yep, those keys unlock the door to our new home. We have been bursting at the seams keeping this under wraps, and now we are happy to share it with everyone. We have been searching for and praying about a home for months, but just couldn't find "the one." Then this beauty came along.
Actually, we stumbled across it about 6 months ago but the timing was not right. Even then, we weren't impressed by the photos in the listing and almost passed it up. I'm so glad I made Cary drive out to see it, because we both really liked it. We are so excited to make it our own.

It has been a long process with tons of excitement, dozens of questions, and quite a bit of stress, but in the end, God blessed us with a house. We are looking forward to turning it into our home.

Stay tuned for some more posts about the home buying process.

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