Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinterest inspiration

photo by natalie defnall

My small group recently threw a bridal shower for one of our members and his beautiful bride-to-be. The decor, food, and overall feel for the shower was inspired by what else, Pinterest! Neutral colors, burlap, and pops of turquoise blue filled the dessert table and surrounded the food. We all brought yummy desserts and side dishes and enjoyed burgers hot off J.T.'s grill.
I decided to combine one of my recent pins, with this pinterest-loving shower: yarn-wrapped wine bottles.

photo by natalie defnall

They looked easy enough on all of the various pins, but as I went along, I discovered they were not coming together quite as easily as I thought they would.

photo by natalie defnall

All of the pins I found suggested using hot glue as the adhesive for the yarn. Well, besides being very easy to burn yourself, hot glue dries quickly. I could only cover a couple times around the bottle with the yarn before another dab of glue was needed. All these dabs of glue resulted in a very bumpy appearance to the bottle.

It was also extremely difficult to get the rows of yarn close together since I was racing the clock, trying to finish as much as possible before the glue dried. This task was made more difficult since the yarn I was using was very small. I would recommend the thickest yarn possible for the next project.

With that first try a disaster, I moved on. I figured double sided tape would be a less stressful adhesive to try. We happened to have carpet tape from a previous project. This roll cost me about $5, and I didn't even use half of it for 3 bottles. It is super duper sticky. It will stick to you, glass, yarn, your clothes, the floor, everything...well not velvet, but that's another project.

Start with cleaning out the bottles and letting them dry (you can remove the labels but I didn't bother for all three of them).

Next, cover half and only half of the bottle in the carpet tape. It doesn't have to be completely covered, spaces are ok. You just want the yarn to touch some part of the adhesive during it's circle around the bottle.

This skein of yarn covered three bottles and probably could have covered at least three more! It cost me less than $3 with a coupon at JoAnn fabrics.

Now, start your yarn as close to the bottom as possible and begin to encircle the bottle.

And keep going around, keeping the yarn close together.

Now, cover the top half of the bottle. The hardest part is the neck, so don't get frustrated. Press the tape down with the backing and get it as flat as possible.

While gaps were ok on the bottom half of the bottle, try to keep the gaps in the adhesive to a minimum on this half. Keep's the most time-consuming part.

Almost done...add a drop of hot glue to the very top to finish it off and ensure it doesn't unravel.

Before and after (well, sort of). Red wine vs. white wine bottle.

I love how they turned out and they looked great at the shower. I'm sure this won't be the last post concerning pinterest!

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