Sunday, May 6, 2012

Front Yard Transformation, Part One

Now that I have had a week to recover, I will post a little about our recent yard transformation.  After sitting vacant for over a year, our house and yard were in need of some work. As for the yard, there was a mix of grass, weeds, and bare spots that just did not look good.  After planning for 4 months, we decided on the last weekend in April to take on this small massive project.

I started the yard transformation on a Thursday afternoon.  The overall plan was to remove all the old sod weeds, dig trenches, install irrigation and lay new sod.  Thursday's goal was to sod cut and remove the yard waste, all while maintaining the painted lines for trenching on Friday.  Though advertised as a simple process with this machine below, the self-propel function was non-existent and the advertised 9000 sq ft per hour was more like 1000 sq ft per hour.  It made for a terrible and exhausting day.

This is how the yard looked Thursday morning:

 Near the walking trail:
 The side yard (this tree was later removed because it was diseased):
 More of the side yard:
With the sod cut, this is what it looked like when Kelly got home from work:

Sod removed and loaded up.  The yard waste totaled 5 truck beds filled to the top. We pulled out those boxwoods, too.
More to come...

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