Sunday, June 24, 2012

Always something to do

 Whenever friends or family ask us how the house is, we say, there's always something to do.  We are always working on a project whether it is inside or outside.
Last week, we painted the downstairs half bath (or powder room, if you want to be fancy).  It was originally a burnt orange and done in semi-gloss paint.  Here's a before photo which was taken before we actually purchased the home:


I decided to go with a bright green, in matte finish.  I used Clark+Kensington's Briarwood from Ace Hardware.  You may remember a promotion they had a while back, giving away pints of their interior matte finish paint.  Our parents grabbed a couple pints for us, and we purchased a Kilz primer.   The entire project cost us less than $15...and of course, time.

The color was lighter and less saturated than I thought it would be, but I'm ok with it.  Definitely not gonna change it now.  Painting a bathroom is difficult the worst!  So many things to take down and paint around, it's a pain.  Climbing up and down a ladder to reach the 9-foot tall ceilings got old very quickly.  And, since they painted it a semi-gloss, I had to prime it first and then paint over it, so I basically painted the room twice.

However, I definitely like it better than the orange!  What do you think?

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