Monday, July 6, 2009


We have decided where to go for our honeymoon. Kelly let me do all of the planning and although not all the plans are completed, we've at least picked out a location. We will head to Atlanta after the reception and then fly out to St. Lucia the following morning. Delta changed their SkyMiles Award Structure to utilize a low, medium, and high level system for booking award tickets. Tickets can only be booked 331 days in advance and so from June 26 until July 6, I checked the website daily as to what level the flight to St. Lucia was. I have been waiting on the level of the award ticket to go to "low" and on Monday, although Coach remained at "High," First Class was at "Low." An easy first class for a better price than coach or wait? Kelly has never flown first class and although I have once, it was many years ago and for a much shorter flight.
Even though we don't have the rest of the honeymoon details just yet, we're looking at one of the three Sandals resorts in St. Lucia. Two of our classmates and my best man all spent their honeymoon with Sandals and spoke wonders about it. Feel free to comment and add suggestions.
And if you are, the entire wedding isn't free or purchased through rewards. We did get the engagement pictures and flights for free (still requiring considerable effort to accumulate the miles and pay a couple government fees), but I think my wedding frugality has run out.
Sorry if you read both our blog and my cousin's, but below is a picture of our flower girl and ring bearer, Julia and Weston, from a family Fourth of July cookout.

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