Sunday, September 26, 2010

The House Divided

A couples shower to celebrate great friends...
Well, I think I've finally cleaned up from the shower. {Sandy, I think I put your house back like I found it!} We all had a great time, and Courtney and Brian received some beautiful wedding gifts. I was able to snap a few pictures, but wished I could have taken more! I feel like that is always how it goes...I'm torn between setting up, enjoying the party, or taking pictures. I wind up doing a little bit of all three...and I only have a few good pics to show for it. {oh well}
Jill helped me with the set up. Here she's making the hamburger patties. We added a packet of Lipton's onion soup mix, and I must say they tasted pretty darn good. {one packet of soup mix to about 4 lbs. of ground beef and two eggs to hold it all together}
Cary grilled all of the meat and dogs, but managed to find some time to play a little cornhole with my brother, Brian.
I got some shots of the food and beverage areas, before any food or beverages were set out. I wish I had gotten a picture of the final product...sorry! Sandy is such a prepared hostess. Most of what you see belongs to my brother and sister-in-law. Don't you love the orange bug spray cans? {Gotta love Georgia and its mosquitoes}

The "after" picture of the candy bar:
{Thanks Sandy for helping with the styling!} I think the "House Divided" theme went over well. We had orange and red all over the place. I borrowed some tailgating things from our friends Hank and Sarah who are Clemson fans, and then added our Georgia stuff. Courtney is a UGA grad, and Brian graduated from Clemson, so they are a bit of a divided household when it comes to college football. {Luckily, the ACC and SEC do not play one another very often.}
I did a google image search for "UGA" and "Clemson"  to make the tags on the candy jars.  They were printed on my home printer and glued onto coordinating cardstock.   The ribbon is from Michael's and is a grossgrain with white stitching at the edges.  I used double-sided tape to adhere them to the glass jars.  The glass jars were also from Michael's.  They are actually cylinder-shaped vases from the floral section.  I think I paid around $2 each after using a coupon. The large candy dish was filled with assorted candies, and it was also from Michael's.  The 3-tiered server is by B.Smith.   The framed message says: Love is Sweet, Rivalries are Bitter.
I placed cellophane bags in a jar with a scoop and some tongs so that guests could take some candy with them.  We had PLENTY of candy!  You really need less than you think since guests only get a couple of each thing.  "UGA" Candy: red and black Twizzlers, red and black M&Ms, Red Swedish Fish, chocolate mini cupcakes in red papers.  "Clemson" Candy: Peach rings, Reese's Pieces, Butterfingers, Reese's cups, vanilla mini cupcakes in orange papers.  You can read more about the planning of the candy bar in this blog post.

 The beautiful bride-to-be...
And Cary was also a fan of the Reese's pieces.

Time to open gifts!
{At this point, I am frantically writing down gifts and taking pictures at the same time.}

Some friends from MCG

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I hope you all had a great time! And congratulations to Courtney and Brian. We wish you many, many happy years together!

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