Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Announcement

No, our big announcement is not that we are actually posting on this blog again...although, it could be.  It has been months since this site has seen anything new, sorry!  No, we have much more exciting news:

We're expecting!  

Personally, I've known I was pregnant since late September/early October.  I took a pregnancy test about a week and a half before my missed period.  I bought one of the cheap ones from the dollar store because I didn't really think I would get a positive, and I didn't want to waste an expensive test. (In case you've never priced a pregnancy test: The nice ones like "ept" or "First Response" are about $10 each, but the dollar store ones are, yep, a dollar!)

So as soon I got home from work, I took the test and waited.  A few minutes later a very faint pink line appeared in the window.  I was instantly mad.  I thought, well what does that mean?  It didn't look like the example on the box.  Am I pregnant or not?!?  I took a couple deep breaths and did the next sensible thing....googled it!  According to Google, a line, no matter how faint, is a line....a positive test.  In more googling, I found out that I should have taken the test first thing in the morning, when hormone levels are highest.  Google also recommended waiting 3 days and taking another test, at which time the line should be darker.  I felt much better and wondered what people did before Goggle?  Old wives tales I guess.  Google also will tell you the sensitivity and specificity of pregnancy tests, which is very interesting, but I won't bore you with all that.

I think I waited 2 days and took another test, in the morning.  A couple minutes later, I had a bright pink line!  Pregnant.  And this was still about a week before my missed period.  I debated whether to tell Cary, after all, this was really early and anything could happen.  I kept it to myself all day, but by the evening I had to tell him.  On the way home from our small group Bible study, I told Cary I had taken a pregnancy test, but quickly explained it was a cheap one so who knows if it is accurate (trying to down play it all).  Well!?  He wanted to know if it was positive.  Yep, it was positive!

I'll let him tell you about his feelings after finding out he might be a Dad, but as for me, I was excited and nervous and expectant, all at once.  I waited one week and took an "ept" brand test.  Again, it was positive, so I felt for sure that this was happening.  I gave the test and a Georgia G onesie to Cary as a "surprise" we're pregnant gift (I had told him I bought him something he might need for Gameday).  Although he already knew, it was confirmation to me to miss my period and have another (more expensive) positive test. 


By the way, that onesie is size 3-6 months...the approximate age of our baby at the beginning of next football season! Crazy!

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