Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hope Uncorked

We spent Friday evening at an event benefiting the Alzheimer's Association in Augusta, GA. It was held downtown at the River Room and was called Hope Uncorked, A Night to Remember. The following pictures were all taken by Ryan Wehmeyer.

photo by Ryan Wehmeyer

We tasted many different wines, from Australia, France, Argentina and California, and lots of good food.
One of the wine stations, photo by Ryan Wehmeyer

The kabob station, photo by Ryan Wehmeyer

They held a silent auction throughout the night with items ranging from a golf cart to jewelry to a black lab puppy. We really wanted to bid on him because he was soooo cute, but we just don't have room for a dog.

photo by Ryan Wehmeyer

At the end of the night they had a live auction for this artist's work:

photo by Ryan Wehmeyer

His name is Richard Worth, and he is one of the artists whose talent is featured on the Augusta Water Works' walls. Cary and I really liked his work, and we are thinking of getting him to do a piece for us.

personal photo

We had a great time, and if you want to see more pictures from the evening go to the "Spotted" website.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Preserving my wedding gown

I finally had my wedding gown preserved. I had been dragging my heels on this, I know. Everything I read recommended having your gown cleaned as soon after it was worn as possible so that the stains would not set in {oops!}. And while my gown wasn't horribly dirty, it had a big stain on the under side of the train (from being stepped on during pictures I think), and the hem was spotty {I just couldn't wear those shoes all night!}

I checked around town a little bit, but was skeptical about handing it over to a regular cleaners. I finally called a local fine fabric store, called B&B Fabrics. She quickly told me, No!, don't send it to a dry cleaners...or any local cleaners. She has heard horror stories. She actually has a service in her store. The company name is Wedding Gown Preservation Co. They are located in New York and claim to have over 90 years of experience in the wedding gown preservation business. You go by a participating store (several carry them...check out the website), pay for the kit, and that's all. You do the rest.
The kit includes a pre-paid label and box for the gown. Carefully look over your gown and mark any stain with stickers that are provided. They will of course inspect the gown, but this ensures that nothing is missed. You then stuff it into a bag that also comes in the kit, tie it up, and place it in the box. Then just drop it off at your closest UPS. You can also include other items in the bag such as your veil, garter, etc. (for an additional charge).

Turn around time is anywhere from 2 to 13 weeks depending on how busy they are. I received mine in about one month. It comes back in a "window view" box, on a bust, with the bodice showing through the front. The box is sealed tight, so I don't want to take it out and expose it to the air and all...even though they send plastic gloves {much like the lunch lady wears} to use to inspect the gown. I just am going to have to trust that it is clean, I guess.
While I know it will probably be out of style by the time my children or grandchildren get married, I like knowing it could be worn again if anyone wanted. Or maybe I can have it made into a Christening gown for my daughter (assuming, of course...). They have a 20 year guarantee against yellowing of the we don't have to be in a hurry to have kids, huh?