Monday, May 23, 2011

NYC Part 1: Left Behind

Our inspiration for the title comes from the series alluding to the end of the world and being left behind. Well, the world didn't end on May 21, 2011, but many things were left behind. Kelly has often reminded me during our first year of marriage that if my head wasn't attached, I would forget it. Unfortunately, that forgetfulness served us poorly for our New York trip.

We should have realized very early in our trip we'd forget things. Our friend Tim dropped us off at the airport, and I quickly realized I didn't have my cell phone. No big deal because it's a lame flip phone, but Kelly looked through her purse and then stated she'd left hers at home, too. I asked a random guy to borrow his phone and despite his reluctance, he allowed it. I told him "you don't have to let me use it; I can ask someone else." I was able to call my own phone which Tim answered and within a few minutes Tim came back with phone in hand.

After getting through security, we were talking about forgetting the phone, and I realized that was not all we had forgotten. We had left the show tickets and Yankees-Mets tickets on the coffee table at home. We didn't have time to go get the tickets and thanks to free wifi at the Augusta airport, I frantically attempted to come up with plan B. I exhausted all efforts...I called the seller (who was on vacation), Ticketmaster, ebay, I even called the Yankees! And in a final attempt I called AMEX and inquired about the purchase protection are excluded.

So in summary:
What Cary forgot-cell phone (initially), rain jacket or umbrella, show tickets, baseball tickets
What Kelly forgot- cell phone
Luckily, I was able to re-print the show tickets online so other than the rain gear (it rained every day) and the baseball tickets, all was salvageable. We went to see Chicago starring Christie Brinkley and it was a great show. We sat on the 2nd row and other than the guy in front of me telling us he got his tickets for much less, all was good. I guess it turned out OK we didn't go to the Yankees-Mets as a repeat scenario may have occurred.

Keep reading over the next couple of weeks for the next 3 posts on NYC.

The Empire State Building

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One year ago today...

...I put on a beautiful white dress.

...I smiled for photos with my best girl friends.

...I shared a moment with my mom.

...I took my dad's arm,

and he walked me down the aisle.

...I said "I do" in front of friends and family, and made a life-long commitment.

...I vowed that God would always lead the way.

...I married the man of my dreams.

Now, I look forward to many more happy years that are just are wonderful as the first.

Happy Anniversary, Cary! I love you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goats, Braves, and Couponing

I know it's an odd title, but it seemed to encompass the topics well. First off, Happy Mother's Day to our moms. They have been an encouragement to us and helped model love for us.

If you've followed our blog much, you probably have seen at least 1 post about goats. If not, I'll catch you up to speed. About 2 years ago Kelly's dad lost all but 1 goat due to a pack of wild dogs. As a birthday/father's day present, we bought him 4 additional goats which have since become 10. They are fenced in 10 acres so have plenty of room, but 1 billy continued to want to get out. Last year he ate the corn crop and we decided to be proactive in preventing that this year. I listed the two-year-old male Boer on Craigslist and after 2 weeks...nothing! Then, I listed him in the Iwanta online ads and received 15 phone calls within a few days. Catching, and loading up a large billy goat was quite an experience. I wish Kelly had shot a few pics or video, but the short version will have to suffice.

Kelly and I went to Atlanta last weekend and had a wonderful time. We had been planning to go to the Braves game for several weeks and chose the weekend series vs. the Cardinals. It worked out where my brother was also there so we enjoyed seeing him for the game. Following the game, we enjoyed a night out with some friends in the city. On Sunday, we attended Buckhead Church where Andy Stanley had started a series titled The New Rules For Love, Sex, and Dating. Not only was the message entertaining, it was very practical. I recommend listening to a podcast.

Lastly, when we get back from New York, I'm planning to write a 4-part series on couponing. Several people have asked me why I never wrote about it so here is my chance.