Monday, February 8, 2010

100 Days to Go!!

Let the countdown begin! Well, technically, I've been counting down for a while now (like since April, when Cary proposed), but now that we are down to just 100 days, it seems so much more real! That means it is less than four months until we say "I do!"

Recently, we've taken care of the flowers, the tuxes, preliminary ceremony planning, and rough draft of the programs. All of the bridesmaids' attire is finalized. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom have their dresses (both of which are beautiful). The rehearsal dinner and all of those details are coming along quite nicely, too.

However, we still lack the cake, the transportation, and the biggie, the invitations. We've decided on the cake and know where we will go to order it, so I'm not stressed at all about that. And one way or another we will make it to Atlanta that night (the Camry is always an option). But I will admit, I've been dragging my heels over these invitations. Cary and I are printing/making/assembling them ourselves...along with helpful mothers and bridesmaids who have graciously offered their assistance. Yet, I'm still behind! Actually I haven't even started. They've been ordered and are stacked neatly in a box in my room, but they are as blank as can be! Aaahhhh!

Hopefully by the time the invitations are finished, the post office will come out with some new 44 cent wedding stamps...golden bands are not my fav.

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  1. Hey, Kelly! Congratulations!
    About your stamps... I've been doing some wedding invite design for clients recently, and I don't think you have to use wedding stamps, if you feel that they are cheesy. There are some King and Queen ones, and some beautiful red chinese new year stamps! Good luck! I know whatever you choose will be beautiful.

    karrie gawron