Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuscaloosa Trip

This past weekend, Kelly and I took a trip to Tuscaloosa to visit with our family. The timing was perfect as Thursday was Veterans Day, and we both took Friday off. We left early Thursday morning and spent the day with my cousin and the twins (our ring bearer & flower girl) for a little while. We visited the Bama football facilities on Friday morning, toured campus in the afternoon, and kept the twins Friday night to give my cousin some free time and keep us entertained for the night while gaining some valuable experience (dinnertime, bath time, and bedtime). Quite the experience!

A whole bunch of pictures of our trip below:
We asked several friends for recommendations and decided to check out Dreamland Bar-B-Q. We visited the original but chose to eat at the newer one as the original restaurant only has two menu options: half or full slab of ribs.

We also took a self-guided tour of the campus of the University of Alabama and saw the President's Mansion, Denny Chimes, and the Quad.

The fraternity and sorority houses really are that close to the stadium.

Of course, a trip to Tuscaloosa would not be complete without going to a game.

Kelly and I have both been to several SEC stadiums, and it's always a treat. It was a fun weekend with many great pictures and experiences.

(Thanks MB and Roll Tide!)

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