Sunday, May 20, 2012

Front Yard Transformation, Part 3

Saturday: Irrigation install, fill trenches, level ground, start laying the sod.
Sunday: finish laying sod, rest, rehydrate

Saturday began with miscellaneous projects while the irrigation system was being installed. From digging trenches a little deeper, burying the drainage pipes underground, leveling ground, and spreading topsoil.
Once the irrigation was installed, tested, and adjusted, it was time to focus on filling in trenches and leveling the ground.  After having most of the front yard leveled, we started to lay sod around 6:30 PM while it was nice and cool.  We tried to lay a good bit until dark to minimize what was left for Sunday. (This was also the hottest weekend of the year, so working after the sun went down was much better than at noon.  Kelly even helped out at this point.)

The top soil arrives

 Emerald Zoysia

We woke up Sunday and began laying sod around 6:30 AM.  Again, with the cooler weather we were able to get more done and not be so exhausted from the heat.  With the sod down and beds defined we could better test the irrigation.  Sunday was the shortest day as we finished around 11 AM.

 Testing the irrigation.

 Final photos of the finished product and updates coming next week.

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