Saturday, June 2, 2012

Front Yard Transformation, Part 4

It has been almost one month since the front yard transformation.  We have had a few days of rain and much cooler temperatures than the weekend we worked.  I've learned some important lessons from all the yard work.

1. God is faithful.  There were many answered prayers that allowed the project to finish when it didn't seem possible.
2.  Line up all help before you need them.  It's a good idea to know what help you need and who can do it before panic mode sets in.  Having a back up isn't a bad idea either.
3.  Hydration and heat cannot be underestimated.  We unknowingly chose the hottest weekend of 2012 thus far.  I am not used to working outside like that, and the heat was a beast.
4.  The better you estimate yard size, the more money you save (I had a full pallet of sod leftover).
5.  Be patient.  Sod work is not instant gratification.  It doesn't become an established yard for at least a couple months.
6.  Always budget for more than you think you will need.  Luckily, we didn't go over budget because I gave myself plenty of cushion.  

  Below, we've got some updated pictures of the yard.  The first few are just after completion and then after a month.

The new retaining wall:

Butterfly bush below: it bloomed shortly after this with pink buds but the recent storms
knocked most of them off

Just to remind you, here's the front BEFORE:
 And here's the yard one month AFTER:
 The boxwoods in the front of the house have been removed.  The shrubs (Ruby Loropetalum) and another Sago palm have been planted. The railings have been painted and then received a second coat.

The project was a lot of work and I'm not sure I would undertake such a large project again.  But I am happy with the results.

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