Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting the Goats

Oops, I meant to post this weeks ago! 
We have taken the pups out to my parents' place multiple times now, but this past week was the first time they actually got to meet the goats up close and personal.

As the goats often get out of the pasture (luckily only one or two are small/brave enough to do it now), Madi and Morgan were able to meet a goat face to face.  Madison was fearless and wanted to play and jump at the goat while Morgan was much more cautious.  The goat?  Well he wanted very little to do with either of the dogs.  While I didn't get photos of that meeting, I was able to get photos of the two groups checking each other out through the fence and gate near the barn. 

 The goats were comfortable enough to come right up to the pups, as long as a fence/safety was separating them!

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