Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

As we reflect on 2013, it is a reminder of just how blessed we are.  It is also a chance to review some goals for 2013 and what to plan and expect in 2014.
I follow several blogs including MyMoneyBlog.  This blog is written by a guy in his 30's in a similar life situation as us, though he has been chronicling since 2004. He inspired me to write down my goals for this year.

After some reflection, here are my personal and family goals for 2014:
Read the entire Bible using the One Year Bible reading plan
Have at least 1x gross salary in retirement
Read 1 book each month for pleasure
Complete a living will and estate plan
Fund a 529 account at a rate that will obtain FULL tuition, room, and board by 2032
Have 6 months reserve cash emergency fund
Be on track for paying off our home by 2024

You (Kelly included) may ask why publish these?
1) It helps keep us accountable
2) It may help someone else

Hope 2014 is a great one.


  1. Great goals, guys! Have you read anything or ever listened to Dave Ramsay? Lady Cheek and I took his class, Financial Peace University, and a big time proponents.

    And a belated congrats!

  2. We are big fans too and have taught FPU at our church. You'll recognize some of the goals as "Baby Steps" pun intended.