Sunday, February 9, 2014

Organ Check, 20 weeks

We recently had an ultrasound about the halfway point to check all the organs.  We were able to see the stomach, kidneys, heart (including all the chambers and flow between), and different parts of the brain.  We also saw much of the bone structure including the spine, ribs, skull, and even the femur (which measured about 3.5 cm).

During the ultrasound, which lasted around 15 minutes, Collins rolled over about 5 times.  It was funny to see how the radiology tech continuously moved the ultrasound probe to keep up and even at one point, Collins moved her arm towards the probe as if to say "I'm done; go away."  It was quite funny.  Looks like the current weight is 11 ounces, and the due date was moved up a couple days, June 9.

This picture is of her "upside down" mid-flip.  As I headed back to work, I was happy to know everything was developing well, and Collins is growing as expected.

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