Saturday, March 15, 2014

27 Weeks

Collins is the size of a cauliflower this week.  She weighs around 2 pounds and is roughly 14 and half inches long.  By now, she is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, and some I can predict.  I consistently get woken up around 5 am by her kicks and flips. 
My clothes are getting snug, and some days I have to wear my maternity jeans. Thankfully, co-workers and Cary's cousin shared their maternity clothes, so I haven't had to buy anything, yet. I have bought a couple pairs of pants in mediums (like the pair in the picture above) that have elastic waist bands, but they were not from the maternity section.  I haven't found any stores that have overly cute maternity options.  Any help?  Luckily, scrubs are very forgiving and have elastic waistbands, too, making work clothes easy for now.
I took my Glucose Tolerance Test this week, but have not yet heard the results.  My OB didn't have me fast for this one, which confused the phlebotomist.  She kept asking, are you sure you were supposed to eat?  What did you have?  Luckily my OB wrote on the script "non-fasting GTT."  They give you10 minutes to drink the glucose drink, which was orange flavored/colored and tasted like a flat, really sweet soda. Then I waited for one hour and they drew blood, well, attempted to draw blood.  The first phlebotomist couldn't hit the vein at my cubital fossa, then another phlebotomist attempted the vein at the dorsum of my right hand and blew the vein.  She then went back to the left arm and finally got it.   For some one who doesn't like needles, this was a little torturous.  Let's all hope I pass and don't have to go through that again!

We also painted the nursery this past week.  It was originally a sky blue and needed a lot of repair due to holes from hanging pictures and who knows what else. 



Yes, I painted, too.  Someone has to do all the edging!  Don't worry, it was low odor and no VOC paint.  Plus we had the windows open and a fan going.


 It is a very light grey.  The nursery colors are going to be pale pink, light grey and white.

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