Monday, April 28, 2014

34 Weeks and Our Registries

You are the size of a pineapple this week and weigh about 4 pounds. I can feel you kicking much more forcefully and your movements are more coordinated. You appear to be sleeping less, and so do I!

Cary and I are taking baby classes at the hospital where we plan to deliver.  It has been informative and put us more at ease for the process of delivering this bundle of joy.  We've toured the entire maternity wing of the hospital and our instructor walked us through each step of what would happen during a delivery....vaginal, C-section, or induction.

We are also working on the nursery more, getting more furniture delivered and trying to add some special touches.  I have a few showers coming up, too, so I am getting excited. 
Everyone has been asking us,"What do you need?" "What do you want?"  Well, definitely check out our registries, and you will find both.
Ultimately, what we want and need are prayers.  Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.  Please pray for a happy, healthy baby.  Please pray that we can guide her to walk in His way.

Our Registries:
Here is a link to our registry at Buy Buy Baby...Don't forget your coupon :)

Here is the link to Babies "R" Us Registries.  Just enter our information.

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