Thursday, May 29, 2014

Showered with Love by Our Church Friends

Our church small group threw us a beautiful shower at Stevens Creek Church a couple Saturdays ago. I probably don't write on this blog often enough about how much we love our church.  We have met so many amazing people through Stevens Creek.  It isn't just a place for church services we attend every Sunday but like another home full of awesome Christian friends. 

Since it was a morning shower, they served a yummy brunch.  Look at all of that food!

 Mom-to-be and Grandmothers-to-be

Sweet friends from the church.

Collins' future friends

Collins received lots of gifts, clothing, and essentials.  

I do love a monogram!

Cary made an appearance, too.

Thank you to my small group girls for hosting a beautiful shower!  Love y'all. 

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