Thursday, June 12, 2014

39 Weeks: The Delivery

Timeline (estimated based on phone calls/text to our parents):
9:00pm- get home from softball game and Kelly says "no rush, but we are going to the hospital tonight"
10:20pm- arrive at hospital and go to traige.  Kelly was placed on monitors and 4 cm dilated
10:50pm- moved to an L&D room; we were told "you're having this baby tonight"
11:50pm- epidural placed
12:55am- water broke and 7 cm
1:15am- 10 cm and OB called
1:40am- OB arrived and on to the fun part
2:39am- Collins was born
5:30am- after bath, assessments, and recovery, we finally get to our room

This picture was taken right before we left for the hospital:

Throughout the pregnancy, Kelly had not really had many contractions and the ones she had were pretty small.  Well, that all changed on Tuesday night.  Kelly woke me up describing intense pains, but they were irregular so we knew it was false labor.  She was up most of the night and decided to take Wednesday off from work as she already had a regular OB appt that afternoon.  At her appointment, she was 1 cm dilated with minimal expectations for a delivery soon.
Kelly went to work on Thursday, with stop-in-your-tracks contractions throughout the day.  She said if these had gotten any worse, she would not have been able to treat patients.
That evening, Kelly said it was less painful to be upright and walking around rather than laying down, so she walked (or paced) throughout our downstairs area.  She said it was fine for me to go to my softball game, so I did.  In hindsight, it was a good thing we lost the game, because otherwise, we would have played again at 9:30pm.
After returning home, even stopping to get her frozen yogurt on the way home by her request, she let me know pretty quickly that we wouldn't be staying home tonight.  The bags were already packed so after showering and loading the car, we headed to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital, everything moved quickly.  Kelly had told me after arriving, I hope this isn't "false labor and they send us home."  That was certainly not the case as we were in a room within 30 minutes.  We had an awesome L&D nurse who supported us the whole time.  She re-assured us and answered all our questions or concerns, even when Collins went into distress at one point, and Kelly was put on supplemental O2.

I could tell from the way everyone was acting that things would be happening sooner rather than later.  The room was quickly prepped and frequent checks occurred along with a barrage of questions.  We even got the question, if she happens to be a he, would we like him circumcised?  Once the anesthesiologist came to place the epidural, I was asked to leave, so I went to the car to get a few things and update our parents.  I told them (specifically mine because of distance) it would probably be wise to start heading this way.
It was about 30 minutes before Kelly was "comfortable" after the epidural.  She described the feeling as pins and needles in her legs and later numbness, but she was able to move her lower body some.  Her water broke just before 1AM and Kelly described it as a "whoosh" sound that could be heard on the fetal monitor.  Things moved very quickly after that.  Her OB was called, but she held off on pushing until her OB arrived.  After arriving, the nurse and her OB coached her through the pushing process while I counted.  I would estimate after 8-10 sets of contractions with pushing, the baby was out.  Once she was out, I cut the umbilical cord, the nurses took care of the baby, and her OB took care of Kelly.  APGAR was 8/9, she weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19 inches long.  We let our parents know Collins had arrived, and they came in about an hour later to see her.

A friend from church was her baby nurse until morning and gave her the first bath, nail trimming, assessment, and vitamin K shot. It was comforting to know that she was in good hands.

I was under the false assumption that small babies made small sounds.  That is incorrect.  She was LOUD!

After all was well with baby and mom, we moved to a room around 5:30AM.  Considering this was my normal wake up time, I was exhausted, as was Kelly.  We kept Collins with us that night (well, morning) and tried to get a little sleep throughout the day.

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