Friday, August 7, 2009

From head to toe

So in the matter of about one week I purchased my veil, shoes, and head piece for the wedding. It all just sort of fell into place, so I couldn't resist going ahead and getting them. I bought the veil and headpiece through sellers on Etsy. If you've never visited this site, you should take a look. It is a "place to buy and sell all things handmade." They have wedding items as well as any home decor and clothing items you could imagine. It is full of individual sellers who all make unique, handmade things. So my headpiece and veil were both custom made by two different sellers. I simply told them what I wanted, they sent me pictures of the work in progress, I made changes, then bought the final product through the website. Pretty cool, huh? And they are just as beautiful in person as they were on my computer screen.
While I can't show you pictures of the veil or headpiece (Cary reads this thing, you know!), I am going to show pictures of my shoes. I figure, no one really ever sees the bride's shoes, so why not show them here.
I bought them during the tax-free weekend in Georgia, so they were tax-free!! Aren't I thrifty?

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