Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

So, Cary and I briefly looked into wedding cakes before we left for clinic. He's not a huge cake fan, so he could probably care less what we have at the reception. I want something that is beautiful but also delicious, that our guests will enjoy. And cakes today are simply pieces of art...and can be a bit over the top!!
Yep, that's all edible...can you imagine cutting it?
Or you could just have a life-sized model of yourself...don't worry, Cary, I'd include you, too, in this vain confection!
However, I think I prefer something a little more classic like this.
Anyway, we asked the married couples in our class about their cakes and got a wide range of prices (and they all had beautiful cakes). Cary's mom checked out a local bakery who quoted prices starting at $4 a slice, which for 200+ guests really adds up! We knew the cake would be expensive, but come on, it's only flour and sugar! So we've contemplated a smaller cake, fake tiers, or going to the local grocery store (which actually has a LOT of nice options).
This one is from Publix...cute, huh?

Anyway, while searching the internet for wedding cakes, I came across this HILARIOUS blog about cakes that somehow went terribly wrong. It includes all sorts of cakes and is the ultimate "lost in translation." Take a look and get a good laugh. And in the meantime, if you have any suggestions or want to try your hand at cake decorating, let me know!!

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  1. My sister Janna is good at cake decorating. She started doing it as a hobby last summer shortly after she got married so that she could make the cake for one of my showers. It turned out really nicely and tasted really good. You should facebook friend her (Janna Bavar) and she has some pictures of several of her trial cakes before my shower that are up online.