Thursday, September 17, 2009

Half-way point in clinic

As of today, Kelly and I have completed the first 5 weeks of our 8-week clinical rotations. Last weekend, we met up at Kelly's parents' place in Thomson to spend time there and then go to the UGA-Carolina game. On the way there from Knoxville, I listened to Knoxville's The Sports Animal for about an hour before I could pick up The Clark Howard Show as I neared Atlanta. I'm a big fan of his radio show, as I agree with much of his money-saving advice. I heard a promo for a segment on weddings and my attention was had. Clark previewed it by talking about a recent article in the AJC talking about people charging for attending their wedding (Don't worry, Kelly and I are NOT doing that!). As I began to think about the article, which I had read and emailed to Kelly previously, I was thinking this may be something Clark and I actually disagree on. Well, it's turns out, he feels the same way as's a bad idea. He even created a poll on his website to see what his listeners think, and after a week, there have been over 7000 votes with 42.5% choosing "It's offensive. Whatever happened to giving fine china and silverware?" and a close second with 34% choosing "Some things like a cash bar to cut down on expenses are acceptable. But that's about it!" Well, after his show was over, there was a little longer on I-20 before arriving at the McKinney's. It was good to see all the goats were still alive and well, and Kelly's dog Newt was still kicking (he just turned 17!).
On Saturday, we enjoyed our morning breakfast trip to Waffle House and then headed to Athens for the game. It's always enjoyable to get back to Athens for a gameday as we were able to run into many people we had not seen in a while.
Although UGA didn't look very impressive, they did win and for that, I'm grateful. Having Houston score 6 TDs and 250 more yards on the same OkSt team that Georgia managed to score 1 on didn't make us look very good either. According to an article, Rece Davis states "Georgia narrowly missed starting 0-2 for the first time in 13 years...Is Georgia careening toward a middle-of-the-pack season in the SEC?" Only time will tell as the college football season is just beginning.
I have 3 more weeks in Knoxville before returning back to Augusta for my clinical there. Kelly will be visiting for the UGA-Tenn game in Knoxville, and I'll provide another football update in a few weeks.

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