Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Since moving into our house we have bought at least half a dozen gallons of paint, painted two bedrooms, and"touched up" several walls in the kitchen and master bedroom.
I've recently painted some furniture, too....trying to join that whole re-purpose revolution. So that means cans and cans of spray paint.

We have plans to re-do the front porch, and we have bought paint for that as well. It seems like we spend many Saturdays at Lowe's or Sherwin Williams! The cans are piling up, not to mention our attic is full of paint cans from the previous owner, most of which are no good anymore. Anyone need a gallon of pastel purple? Yea, neither do we!
Have you seen this service from Lowe's?? Among other applications, the Home Profile keeps track of all of the color formulas for your home's paint. Now you don't have to keep paint cans for years and years or just guess at the formulas or paint color names.

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