Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updates Upstairs

Like Cary mentioned in the last post, we've been turning the house into a home. We've been focusing a lot of our effort on the lawn and the upstairs. Here's a few pictures of one of the upstairs bedrooms.

View of the closets

The window
We painted the walls in Valspar's "Wet Pavement."

I've been inspired by the white and grey decor that has been so popular lately. I've been doing it on a budget, though. We got the headboard from a family member, and the bedding was on sale. I got the window back in college and just painted it yellow to match the decor.

The cute night stand was found at a yard sale by Cary's mom, and the lamp belonged to my Mom. Both got a fresh coat of paint to update them a little. (There's more to see, but that's all for now. It is still a work in progress.)

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