Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home from the Honeymoon!

Cary and I are back home and finally settled in our condo. The gifts are put away, the clothes are unpacked, and the hot water heater is threatening to quit on us, but all and all it is good to be home and living together as husband and wife.
We will blog about the wedding itself soon, but I thought I would make my first blog as a married woman about the honeymoon! It was so much fun and such a wonderful trip, I just can't wait to share.
After leaving our reception, we took a limo to the Marriot by the Atlanta airport to spend the night before flying out the next morning to St. Lucia. Cary was able to cash in some sky miles for round-trip first class tickets for our trip. It turned out to be a blessing because we were exhausted and hungry that morning, but our seats provided plenty of room and a full breakfast. Here is a view from the plane as we made the decent to St. Lucia:

The water was even more blue in person! We landed at St. Lucia's tiny airport and stood in line with the rest of the honeymooners to get through customs. Next was the hour and a half van ride to the Halcyon. St. Lucia is fairly mountainous, and it was settled by the British, so they drive on the left side of the road. Combining both of these facts with the absence of a speed limit made for a rough ride to the resort.

We took a pit stop along the ride and got this great shot of the shoreline. But it was back into the van and more winding roads after that!

Our room was a concierge suite with easy access to the ocean and restaurants. The Halcyon was the most private of Sandals' three resorts, as well as the smallest and quietest. Our room was surrounded by coconut trees, plants, and flowers.

Our room

Our view and access to the ocean

Speaking of coconut trees...did you know that they need to be pruned? Well neither did we until we walked up on the maintenance guys near the pool one day. One guy had climbed up to the very top of the tree and was chopping down coconuts with a machete. They explained that the coconuts would eventually fall and make a mess or hit a guest and that they routinely pruned them. No ladder needed.
Can you see him up there?

How about now?

And then he climbed down...no ropes, no ladder, no harness, no problem

And we got to enjoy the coconuts.

The workers told us that coconut water is "good for the bladder," but I thought it tasted like salty water and only drank a few sips.

We will post more about the honeymoon soon!!

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