Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Eat! (the Rehearsal Dinner)

Our rehearsal dinner was held at Provino's Italian Restaurant. We posted earlier about finding this great place, and we were very happy with how well dinner and the service turned out that night! Props to the manager, Jason, who helped us plan the evening and was available by phone or in person to answer questions or help with suggestions.

We had 5 options for dinner: Parmesan chicken, shrimp scampi, sausage and peppers, lasagna, and vegetable lasagna. Each table received a salad, served family style (which Kelly loved) and Provino's famous garlic rolls (which everyone loved).

Below are several pictures from the evening.

The wedding party table

For dessert we served my groom's cake, ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen. I'm not a big fan of cake, so I've had these for birthdays growing up. One was an oreo blizzard cake while the other was a traditional vanilla ice cream cake with chocolate crunch. Outside of a few colors and lettering order being lost in translation, the ice cream cakes were delicious.

The Groom's Cakes

Cutting the cakes

With my grandmother, Mammal, who just turned 94!

After dinner and cutting the cake, we showed a slide show which I had been working on for weeks. It showed pictures of both Kelly and me growing up as well as family and friends. It also showed pictures of us since we started dating and over the three years that we've been together. Below are 2 favorites of each of us.

Kelly in her Dad's shoes

Kelly loves this photo, especially the grape Fanta in the background.

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