Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bridal Suite

Since our wedding photos finally arrived on DVD, I can share a few of them with you all. I really enjoyed looking through all the pictures that we received because it reminded me of the all the fun moments that just went by so quickly! It is so true what they's a blur and you will hardly remember a thing! So I am going to blog about the events I do remember.

I figured the pictures of my girls and I getting ready in the bridal suite was a good place to start the wedding recaps.

My dress! I purchased it from The House of the Bride in Augusta, GA. My consultant, Beth was amazing. So patient and sweet...I never felt rushed or pressured. And while we did look at another store, the best dress (and the best price) was found at House of the Bride.

My bridesmaid and sister-in-law, Sandy, made me a beautiful hanger cover with my new monogram! Doesn't it look amazing? I think she needs to go into business with these.

Kelly (a.k.a. Kmont) helping me with my veil just before I got dressed. Then it was time to slip into the dress.

I remember being cool and calm the entire morning, but as soon as the dress was on, I immediately got nervous! It made the whole thing real.

Mom shows the girls how to bustle the dress.

Then it's time to put on our heels. I needed a little help with mine!

I wanted to say a quick thanks to my mom and my bridesmaids for helping me get ready and keeping me calm throughout the day. Ya'll were awesome, and I couldn't have asked for more!

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