Friday, August 6, 2010

Cake Envy

Our baker, Natalie, is the owner of Cake Envy, and she specializes in "over-the-top" wedding and special event cakes. You may remember from a previous post, that she met with us last minute in late March to design our wedding cake when Publix disappointed us.

I thought the cake was gorgeous and turned out really well. It towered over us as we cut it. So much so that when Cary and I accidentally hit one of the plastic separators with the cake knife, we were afraid it was going to topple over on us.

It tasted delicious, what little bit Cary and I tasted. But our guests told us it was delicious, too...all 4 flavors. Each layer was a different flavor: chocolate with Bailey's filling, vanilla with raspberry filling, lemon with lemon filling, and carrot cake (our top layer, which we kept, was the lemon cake as well).

So if you are in the Cumming/Atlanta area, give Cake Envy a try. Natalie does beautiful work that is delicious, too! And just for fun, here is the original sketch:

(We decided to add the last layer at the end of the meeting, so it isn't completely drawn in.)

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